Nandamuri Balakrishna

విశ్వ విఖ్యాత నట తేజోరూపం


1. First movie : tatamma kala
2. First movie he acted with his father: tatamma kala
3. First movie he acted with Sri. ANR: Bharyabhartala Bandham
4. First Dual role movie: Apoorva Sahodarulu
5. First Mythological movie: Dana Veera Soora Karna
6. First Historical Movie: Akbar-Salim-Anarkali
7. First 100 days movie: Mangammagari Manavadu (after started acting full time)
8. First Silver Jubilee: Mangammagari Manavadu
9. First Golden Jubilee: Mangammagari Manavadu
10. First Director: Sri. D. Yoganand (tatamma kala)
11. First 100 days movie in Karnataka: Mangammagari Manavadu
12. First movie based on a novel: Bhargava Ramudu
13: First Heroine: Ms. Jayamalini (annadammula anubandham)
14: First black and white movie: Ram-Rahim
15: First movie with Sri. Harikrishna: Ram-Rahim
16: Heroine he acted mostly with: Ms. VijayaSanthi
17: Director he acted mostly under: Sri. A. Kodandarami Reddy


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NBK Movies List

1 Tathamma kala (9-8-74) (Debut as child artist)
2 Ram rahim (With (brother) Hari Krishna)
3 Annadammula anubhandam
4 Vemulavada bheema kavi
5 Dana veera soora karna (First time in A Pouranika A film)
6 Akbhar saleem anarkali (Historical film)
7 Sri madvhirat parvamu (As Abhimanyudu)
8 Sri tirupathi Venkateswara (As Naradha get up)
9 Rowdi ramudu konte krishnudu
10 Anuraga devatha
11 Simham navvindi
12 Sahasame oopiri
13 Disco king (As disco dancer) (First time)
14 Janani janma bhoomi
15 Mangamma gari manavadu (First time ran 535 days.)
16 Palanati puli
17 Sri madhvirat veera bhramedra swami
18 Katha nayakudu (first time with Vijaya shanthi)
19 Athma balam
20 Babai abbai
21 Barya bhartala anubhandham (With Akkineni )
22 Bhale tammudu (First time as Police officer)
23 Kattula kondayya
24 Pattabhishekam
25 Nippulanti manishi
26 Muddula krishnayya (as Bala chandrudu get up)
27 Seetharama kalyanam
28 Anasuyamma gari alludu
29 Deshodharakudu (As suyodhana and sivaji getups..)
30 Kaliyuga krishnundu
31 Apoorva sahodarulu (First time double role)
32 Bhargava ramudu (First Novel film in Balayya films)
33 Allari krishnayya (Nandhamoori ramesh is director)
34 Sahasa samrat (In Bhadra chalam ramudu get up.)
35 President gari abbai
36 Muvva gopaludu
37 Ramu
38 Bhanumati gari mogudu
39 Inspector prathap
40 Donga ramudu
41Tiragabadda telugu bidda (first time break dance in his films)
42 Bharatam lo balachandrudu (In Alluri and Bhagat singh getups)
43 Ramudu bheemudu ( Double role)
44 Rakthabishekam (In Sadhuvu getup)
45 Bhale donga
46 Muddula mavayya 100 days in 51 centers (first time)
47 Ashoka chakravarthi
48 Bala gopaludu
49 Prananiki pranam
50 Nari Nari Naduma Murari
51 Muddula menalludu
52 Lorry Driver
53 Talli tandrulu
54 Brahma sri viswamitra (Double role with NTR this movie done 5 crore business.)
55 Aditya 369 Science (fantasy in Krishna devarayala get up).
56 Dharma kshetram
57 Rowdy Inspector
58 Aswametham
59 Nippu ravva
60 Bangaru Bullodu
61 Bhirava dveepam (Janapatha movie)
62 GandeevamIn (cowboy getup)
63 Bobbili Simham
64 Top hero (In Bruhannala getup)
65 Matho pettukokdu (Double role)
66 Vamsanikokkadu (NTR died after 14 days of this movie release)
67 Peddannayyadouble role
69 Muddula Mogudu
70 Devudu
71 Yuvaratna rana (Mafia leader)
72 Pavitra Prema
73 Samara Simha Reddy (first DTS film in Balayya films)
74 Sultan (Double role with Krishna and Krisham raju)
75 Krishna Babu
76 Vamsodharakudu
77 Goppinti alludu
78 Narasimha Naidu (Broken all industry records)
79 Bhalevadivi Basu
80 Seema simham
81 Chenna Kesava Reddy (first time double role as father and son)
82 Palanati Brahma Naidu
83 Lakshmi Narasimha
84 Vijayendra Varma (As Military Officer)
85 Allari Pidugu
86 Veera Bhadra
87 Maharadhi
88 Okka Magaadu
89 PaanduRangadu

90 Simha (Filming)

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Brief Biography

Nandamuri Balakrishna was born in ( June 10, 1960), is a leading Tollywood actor . He is the son of former Chief Minister (of Andhra Pradesh) Tollywood actor N. T. Rama Rao. He is famously known as Baaalayya and called Yuva Ratna by his fans. He is the one considered to be one of the most influential telugu actors. He is especially known for his box office treats.
Balakrishna was born in Madras (now known as Chennai), Tamil Nadu, to Sri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao and Smt Basavatarakam. Balakrishna has seven brothers Late Rama Krishna, Jaya Krishna, Hari Krishna, Mohana Krishna, Sai Krishna, Jr Rama Krishna, Jaya Shankar Krishna, and four sisters Smt Uma Maheswari, Smt Bhuvaneswari, Smt Lokeswari, Smt Purandheswari. He is married to Vasundhara Devi and has one son Mokshagna Teja and two daughters Brahmani and Tejaswini. He started his film career as a child artist in his fathers movie tatammakala. Later on he turned out to be a trump card.
He has acted in social,devotional,sofio fantasy,mythological films. Of late, he has been doing some very comical stuff onscreen which has made him the laughing stock of the masses.
Though he is good in all types of roles, he is more famous in the rolese where he has acted as an angry young man, and leader of a clan.
He suited the role of a village youth so well that he had to live that image for years. His debut year 1984 ended with another super hit film Kathanayakudu produced by Suresh Productions and put him in the top slot of young heroes. Also released in the same year, NTR’s Brahmam gari Charitra created wonders at Box office and He got his due credit for playing an important role. His first year was very promising with three out of seven movies being big hits.
He could not keep up the spirit of success in the following year as his first venture with comedy director Late Jandhyala Babai Abbai, a remake of NTR’s Vaddante Dabbu failed miserably. His first movie with ANR Bharya Bhartla Bhandham produced by Jagapati Arts was rated as an average film. Pattabhishekam, a Ramakrishna Studios film directed by K.Raghavendra Rao who weaved a new image for NTR, saved grace by collecting close to one crore in the first week and having a decent run. But it failed in meeting the expectations set for the combination to achieve. KRR-NBK combination never worked well for one reason or other.
1986 can be regarded as the best year for Balayya’s career until 1999. His six consecutive hits elevated him to superstardom and he appeared on the cover page of The Week magazine. His Muddula Krishnnayya was the first movie to collect over one crore in the first week and He never looked back on openings. NBK, Vijaya Santhi’s pair became one of the most sought after. Having two Golden Jubilees and three more Silver Jubilees already in three years , one would expect his career to be flourishing Green over the following years. But the next few years brought no luck and he lost momentum. In 1989, his Muddula Mavayya turned out to be the biggest hit and proved his stamina.
Lorry Driver came in 1990 and little did anyone expect that this hit combination of NBK and Gopal would one day have the annals of Telugu Film industry rewritten. Rowdy Inspector was another big hit in His career that came in the next couple of years. Even dubbed version in Hindi was a big hit and ran 100 days in North India. Balakrishna always experimented with roles that would inhibit other stars. During his long career he chose a plethora of variety in the characters he played. Sometimes his fans were worried that he wasn’t following the trend and his movies were not managed to complete 100-day run. His performances in Sci-Fi Aditya 369 and Folklore Bhairava Dweepam were admired by one and all and reflected in commercial outcome as well. He also ventured a full length mythological film in Sri Krishnarjuna Vijayam that failed but proved that only Balakrishna of present day heroes could venture mythological roles. He produced a movie on his own banner and failed as a producer. His lack of management showed with Nippuravva and Bangaru Bullodu being released in the same day and the result is the high-budgeted Nippuravva Was only a Average Grosser.
Film pundits thought Balakrishna deserved a Nandi for his Peddannyya performance. However Nandamuris don’t seem to care for awards as NTR always said “Prajabhimananni Minchina Award Ledu Brother”. While not being big on awards front, Balakrishna’s films continued to evoke huge response and command heavy openings over years.
After Peddannayya, nothing significant happened until 1999 for Balakrishna other than a string of flops. It was one of those times when the industry was in slump hovered by seasonal Blues and the future looked bleak and Balakrishna’s career was in doldrums. Then came his Samarsimha Reddy which was released with deficit. Even the producer thought it would be an average movie at best. But the drizzle culminated into a storm. A thunderbolt was heard in AP and the. Telugu Film Industry was struck by a lightening. Truly speaking this movie created wonders at box office like no other movie. Adavi Ramudu and Premabhishekam come only close.
While Samarasimha Reddy’s thunders haven’t subsided, who would expect this could be repeated as early as in two years? Honestly, nobody did. But Narasimha Naidu took everybody by surprise. Opened with heavy collections, this movie went on to become industry’s biggest hit in terms of revenue. Now thatBalakrishna has carved out an image that appeals to outside of his fan base too, he has a humungous challenge in front of him in terms of living up to the expectations. He won the Cine Goers Association’s best actor award for 2001. The more coveted Nandi award was finally bestowed upon Balakrishna for the year 2002 as he was adjudged the best actor for his performance in Narasimha Naidu. Also, conferred on him was the “Natasimha” tag and it was a sweet accolade that marked the silver jubilee of his career. However, to be remembered as Natasimha, he will have to hit the screen with at least one more Samara Simha Reddy or Narasimha Naidu as these characters have benchmarked the roaring lion image.
Of late Balakrishna has delivered many flops. Movies such has Okkadunnadu were awful to watch…they were so bad, people have questioned his decision making capabilities.
Balakrishna was also involved in a shooting episode at his home.Producer Bellamonda Suresh was shot in Balakrishna’s house. After investigating CBI acquitted Balakrishna and his wife.

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